Duck Season Ohio

Latest dates for the duck Hunting Season Ohio 2016-2017

SpeciesSeason DatesBag Limits (Daily)Possession Limits


Oct 17 to Nov 1
Nov 14 to Dec 27

Oct 24 to Nov 8
Nov 21 to Jan 3

Oct 24 to Nov 8
Dec 19 to Jan 3
6 in aggregate with no more than:
4 mallards (only 1 hens)
3 wood ducks
3 scaup
2 redheads
2 pintail
2 canvasback
1 black
1 mottled duck

Coots: 15

Mergansers: 5 (Max 2 hooded)
3 times daily bag limit (After Day 2)
Sora Rails

Virginia Rails
Sept 1 to Nov 92575
Common Moorhens (Gallinule)Sept 1 to Nov 91545
Common SnipeSept 1 to Nov 29
Dec 19 to Jan 4
Mourning DoveSept 1 to Nov 8
Dec 12 to Jan 1
WoodcockOct 10 to Nov 2339
Teal (Only blue winged, green winged, cinnamon)Sept 5 to Sept 20618
Canada Goose (early statewide)Sept 1 to Sept 15515
Canada Goose

Light Geese (Blue, Snow &

White-fronted Geese

Oct 17 to Nov 1
Nov 14 to Dec 27
Jan 14 to Jan 31

Oct 24 to Nov 8
Nov 21 to Jan 3
Jan 14 to Jan 31

Oct 24 to Nov 8
Dec 1 to Jan 31
Canada Goose: 3

Light Geese: 10

White-fronted: 1

Brant: 1
3 times daily bag limit (After Day 2)

ohio duck season

Many of the duck hunting enthusiasts out there have expressed the opinion that Ohio is one of the best state for duck hunting in the United States. There are many advantages to this state that are really worth noting. There is a wide variety of species that you can hunt and they are easy to find. The only thing that you need is to be prepared with the right equipment, gear and have all of the necessary licenses and stamps. This way you will have a great and successful Ohio duck season.


First off, every duck hunter out there should be aware that all states have their own regulations. The laws that apply in Ohio can be found by consulting the Ohio Revised Code or the Ohio Administrative Code. Keep in mind that these laws can be a subject to change so you should constantly revise them. It is your responsibility that you are aware of all the most current laws for hunting.

There are hours which are open to shooting. You are legally allowed to hunt only during these hours. The daily hunting hours for the early migratory game bird season are from sunrise to sunset. For the regular waterfowl season, the daily hunting hours are ½ hour before sunrise to sunset. Duck hunting in Ohio is not allowed during the closed season.

A daily bag limit is the maximum number of migratory game birds of one species or a combination of species is allowed for a single hunter to take in one day during the Ohio duck hunting season. However, keep in mind that not all geographical areas of the state might have a daily bag limit prescribed.

You are required to have a written permission from the landowner when you are hunting from a boat on a river or stream and your boat is anchored, tied to the shore, or tied to any structure in the river. In addition, it is against the law to place any kind of decoys or retrieve game from the shore without having the written permission of the landowner. The only exception to this law is when the river or stream that you are using passes through public property where hunting is allowed.



There are several requirements that you are obliged to have in order to be part of the Ohio duck season.

First off, any person that is aged 16 or older must have a federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp. The said stamp must be validated by a signature in ink. This stamp is only required when you hunt ducks and geese. If you hunt crows, doves, rails, common moorhens, common snip, or woodcock you are not obliged to be in possession of such a stamp.

In order to hunt waterfowl in addition to the above mentioned stamp, you are also required to have an Ohio Wetlands Habitat Stamp. Again, this stamp is only required when you hunt ducks and geese.


Gear and Equipment

There are several key pieces of equipment that will ensure you have a successful duck hunting in Ohio.

The shotgun that you use has to be capable of holding a maximum number of three rounds, unless it has been plugged with a one-piece filler, which limits the capacity of the shotgun to three shells. However, the filler used must be such that it cannot be removed without having to first disassemble the gun.

For a successful Ohio duck hunting season, every duck hunter should bring in some decoys with them. They can play a great role in the catching of a duck. In addition, you should also be prepared by wearing camouflaged clothes so that the ducks are unable to distinguish you from the grass. Some of the more experienced duck hunters tend to bring trained dogs with them which they use to retrieve the game after it has been shot down. However, your dog has to have been through the proper training because otherwise it might just scare off your game.
If you prepare yourself by bringing all of the necessary equipment, the required stamps and the necessary patience then you will end up having a successful and enjoyable Ohio duck hunting season.


For more detailed info check out the Ohio Department of Natural Resources website.

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