Duck Season Georgia

Georgia waterfowl season

Latest dates for the duck Hunting Season Georgia 2016-2017

SpeciesSeason DatesBag Limits (Daily)Possession Limits
DucksNov 21 to 29
Dec 12 to Jan 31
6 in aggregate with no more than:
4 mallards (only 2 hens)
3 wood ducks
2 scaup
2 redheads
2 pintail
2 canvasback
1 black OR mottled duck
MergansersNov 21 to 29
Dec 12 to Jan 31
Mergansers: 5 (Max 2 hooded)15
Gallinules and CootsNov 21 to 29
Dec 12 to Jan 31
Sea Ducks (Scoters, Long to Tailed, Eiders)Nov 21 to 29
Dec 12 to Jan 31
7 (Max 4 Scoters)21
Sora & Virginia RailsSept 25 to Nov 15
Nov 21 to Dec 8
King & Clapper RailsSept 25 to Nov 15
Nov 21 to Dec 8
WoodcockDec 5 to Jan 1839
Common SnipeNov 15 to Feb 28824
Canada Geese (Including White-fronted)Sept 5 to 27
Oct 10 to 25
Nov 21 to 29
Dec 12 to Jan 31
Snow GeeseOct 10 to 25
Nov 21 to 29
Dec 12 to Jan 31
FalconrySept 5 to 27
Oct 10 to 25
Nov 21 to Dec 7
Dec 12 to Jan 31
Youth WaterfowlNov 14 to Nov 15As aboveAs above

Every experienced and knowledgeable duck hunter will tell you that there are certain tips and tricks without which you cannot have a successful hunt. Things such as knowing where to place your bait, your decoys and how to position yourself are what can be the game changer for you. Finding out more about them is easy, however before you go on hunting there are certain things that you have to know. In order to be well prepared for the next Georgia duck hunting season, read below.


Every state in the United States of America has its own set of requirements that a hunter has to follow in order to be able to hunt ducks during the hunting season. First of all, and most important for you is to have a license. Without it you won’t be able to take part in the GA hunting season.

There are a number of licenses that you can use for the hunting season in GA. The first that you can acquire is a Hunting License, which can be either annual or two-year. There is also a Combo Hunting & Fishing License that you can purchase, which can be perfect if you intend to go for some sport fishing as well.

There is also a Waterfowl Conservation license that can be used for the Georgia waterfowl season or a Migratory Bird Hunting License (HIP permit). Lastly, you can purchase a Sportsman’s license. It does not make a big difference which one you choose to purchase, the only thing that is important is that you have acquired at least one of them for the Georgia duck hunting season.

In addition to the hunting license, every hunter is also required to have a Georgia Outdoor Recreational Pass with them during the whole hunting season in GA.



All of the residents and non-residents of the state who were born after January 1st, 1961 must complete a hunter education course successfully before they purchase a hunting license. The state laws allow for people who have passed any kind of hunter education course certified by any state wildlife agency or Canadian province. Everyone who has completed a hunter education course in Georgia is able to obtain a replacement card.

Hunters who are aged 16 or younger are not required by law to have passed a hunter education course, however they must be under direct supervision by an adult during the whole hunt. However, hunters who are aged 12-15 are still allowed to pass a hunter education course, and will be able to hunt without supervision if they pass it successfully.

In order for you to successfully purchase a license, you are required to have a reliable identification and Social Security Number with you. In addition, all of the required hunting licenses and stamps must be with you while hunting during the course of the Georgia waterfowl season.



There are several types of weapons that you are allowed to use for the Georgia duck hunting season:

  • Primitive weapons – crossbows, bow and arrow, any muzzle loading firearm. Scopes are legal.
  • Loaded weapons – a firearm is considered loaded if there is a shell present in the chamber or magazine, a percussion cap is on the nipple, or powder is present on the Frizzen pan. A crossbow is considered to be loaded if it is cocked.

There are some restrictions to the use of firearms.

  • Plugged shotguns – A shotgun must be plugged to a maximum number of 3 shells when hunting for ducks and waterfowl. The plugs have to be one piece and incapable of being removed through the loading end of the magazine.
  • Suppressors – can be used for hunting on private property only if the landowner has given you written permission.

In addition, all of the clothing that you are wearing during the hunting seasons in GA has to have an outer garment of no less than 500 inches of visible hunter orange above your waist. You should also make sure that you are well camouflaged and have thick clothes.

Trained dogs are allowed only if you have the proper license.


If you follow all of these rules and regulations, and make sure that everything checks out, you will have a safe and smooth Georgia duck hunting season.
georgia waterfowl season
For more detailed info check out the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division website.

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