Duck Season Florida

Latest dates for the duck Hunting Season Florida 2016-2017


SpeciesSeason DatesBag Limits (Daily)Possession Limits
Clapper and king railsSept 1 to Nov 91545
Sora and Virginia railsSept 1 to Nov 92575
Common moorhenSept 1 to Nov 91545
Early Wood duck and tealSept 19 to Sept 236 (Max 2 Wood ducks)3 times daily bag limit
Special early duck - Teal onlySept 24 - Sept 27618
September Canada gooseSept 5 to Sept 27515
Mourning and white-winged doveSept 26 to Oct 26
Nov 14 to Dec 7
Dec 12 to Jan 15
SnipeNov 1 to Feb 15824
WoodcockDec 18 to Jan 3139
CrowAug 8 to Oct 25 (Saturdays & Sundays only)
Nov 11 to Feb 18
No LimitNo Limit
DucksNov 21 to Nov 29
Dec 12 to Jan 31
6 Ducks in aggregate no more than:
4 mallards (Max 2 hen)
4 scoters
3 wood ducks
2 scaup
2 pintails
2 redheads
2 canvasback
1 black
1 mottled duck (Florida duck)
1 fulvous whistling-duck
No harlequin ducks
3 times daily bag limit
CootsNov 21 to Nov 29
Dec 12 to Jan 31
MergansersNov 21 to Nov 29
Dec 12 to Jan 31
5 (Max 2 hooded mergansers)3 times daily bag limit
Light geese (snow, including blue, and Ross)Nov 21 to Nov 29
Dec 12 to Jan 31
15No Limit
Canada goose (taking Brant is prohibited)Nov 21 to 29
Dec 1 to Jan 30
Youth Waterfowl Hunting DaysFeb 6 AND Feb 7Same as regular duck and goose seasons
Leon County and Lake Miccosukee in Leon and Jefferson counties
–waterfowl hunting is permitted only on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays during the open season and Nov. 26 - 27, Dec. 25, 2015, and Jan.
1 and 18, 2016.
Lake Talquin in Gadsden and Leon counties and the Ochlockonee River are open to hunting every day during the regular waterfowl season.
During the open season, waterfowl hunting is permitted only on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays in the state waters of the Gulf of Mexico in Hernando County north of Raccoon Point and east of Saddle Key as designated by posted signs.

Florida duck season

Duck hunting is the practice of hunting ducks either for food or simply for sport. Humanity has been hunting ducks since ancient times when they were a primary source of food for the population. Nowadays if we want to eat some duck meat we only have to go to the local store and buy some. However, there are still some people who prefer that they catch the duck. On the other hand, there are people who love duck hunting as a sport and are not interested in eating the catch. Regardless of the reasons why you want to go duck hunting, you have to be aware of certain things before you start. For people who will take part in the duck season in Florida, there are some specifics that they should now before taking action.



You are required to have a Florida Waterfowl Permit in order to participate in the Florida duck hunting. Such a permit is included in other licenses including Disabled Resident’s Hunting/Fishing License, Sportsman’s License, 64 and Older Sportsman’s License, Gold Sportsman’s License, Military Gold Sportsman’s License, Lifetime Sportsman’s License, and Lifetime Hunting License. You are obliged to have at least one of them in order to legally be allowed to participate in duck hunting Florida.

Keep in mind that there are people who are exempt from obtaining a hunting license, migratory bird permit, and Florida waterfowl permit. People who cannot get such a license are:

  • Residents of the state of Florida who are aged 65 or older
  • Residents of the state of Florida who are also members of the United States Armed Forces and are not stationed in this state, while home on leave for 30 days or less
  • Children who are aged 15 or younger
  • People who are hunting in the county of their residency on their own homestead, their spouse’s homestead, or their minor child’s homestead. In addition, minor children who are hunting on the homestead of their parents.
  • Holders of a Disabled Resident’s Hunting/Fishing License


Gear and Equipment

In order to safely be part of duck hunting in Florida you have to be prepared well. Many beginner duck hunters mind be overwhelmed by the variety of clothing, equipment, and gadgets that are available to choose from. However, successful Florida duck hunting usually requires only a few pieces of equipment. If you are hunting in an area that is shallow then in most cases you can just walk with a pair of waders or hip boots and have some decoys ready. On the other hand, areas with deeper water that are farther from access point might require of you to have a kayak, canoe, or a small boat. Here is a list of the basic pieces of equipment that every duck hunting Florida expert brings on their journey:

  • Ammunition
  • Decoys
  • Duck call
  • Flashlight
  • Camouflage
  • First Aid Kit
  • Binoculars
  • Water Bottles
  • GPS
  • Map of the area


Facts about Duck Hunting

In order to be successful in your Florida duck hunting endeavors you must have a certain set of skills such as scouting, decoy placement, calling, identification of ducks, and wing shooting. The more that you participate in duck season in Florida, the better you will get and the more experience will bring you better results. Dedication is the key to becoming a true master duck hunter. The more experienced duck hunters out there also tend to bring trained dogs on their Florida duck hunting trips so that they fetch the prey. You can learn more about duck hunting Florida by reading magazines and watching TV shows about hunting, joining a duck hunting organization, and attending different seminars on the subject in your local area.



Now you have a better understanding of all the requirements for successful duck hunting in Florida has and you can legally take part in it. In addition, you have the knowledge about what kind of equipment you should bring along your journey. Remember that too little might be bad, but bringing too much can also be bad since it will slow you down and interfere with your game. If you want to become a good and reliable duck hunter then you should read more on the subject and be active during the duck season in Florida.


For more detailed info check out the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website.

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